The Golden Shelving System - DesigninPine

Photo Magnus Glans

Mari Koppanen

Mari Koppanen’s piece is a storage cupboard based on the golden ratio – the harmonious proportions that occur so often in life, without us even realising it. 

The cupboard’s loose internal modules can be stacked on and in each other and used both in and outside the actual cupboard carcass. Mari’s idea is that the cupboard will be used to store the things you want to keep handy but not have out all the time. 

The carcass is made from panels of solid pine that are ideally suited for flat-packs. For the door, Mari has chosen to use bamboo, a familiar material in China. 

“During the design process, I always had to keep in mind the way the manufacturer works and find an approach that leaves me feeling comfortable with my design. I have realised the importance of clarity in ensuring that the end result is how I wanted it to be.” 

Having completed this project, Mary has a new-found appreciation of the material. She has discovered that pine is both flexible and adaptable, and that one can do a great deal with the appearance, for example by using different types of surface treatment. 

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