Toufik Belaffari - moroccan designer

Swedish Wood engaged nine Moroccan designers in creating furniture on the theme of ‘Swedish wood meets Moroccan creativity and woodworking tradition’. The study trip is the next step in inspiring North African designers to use Swedish wood in more ways.

The principle focus here is on the patina, as the artist plays with and explores the potential of spruce as a material.

The carved wood is polished to create a silky smooth surface that at the same time accentuates the grain and properties of the material.

Biog: Toufik Belaffari studied at Les Beaux Arts de Genève and L’Institut Professionnel des Métiers de la Décoration (IPMD) in Paris. He worked as an interior designer in Paris until 1999, when he returned to Morocco to set up his own business. His style mixes influences from around the world, as he combines huge creativity with equal amounts of meticulous precision.



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