The 742 Bench

Swedish furniture design is well-known for its functionality and simplicity, popular among Chinese consumers. Environmentally-friendly, respectful of nature, functional and with pure lines are the core elements of Swedish Design.

 Designers Rickard and John Funqvist chose to work with Swedish pine to create functionality in a contemporary way, simultaneously honoring Swedish tradition and modernity. 

Rickard Torstenfelt designed and John Funqvist made the 742 Bench. The 742 bench is a hallway bench in heavy proportions inspired by Swedish allmoge furniture design. 

Allmoge is an ancient term for peasantry and farming, which in Swedish history included and employed most inhabitants. The brushed surface on the bench gives the user a nice tactile experience, as well as enhances the feel and look of the pine. The lineseed oil with zinkwhite prevents the bench from turning yellow with age, as well as gives and preserves a clean look.

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