The Shanghai Bench

In recent years, Swedish Wood has supported the creation of stylish and practical furniture made of sustainable Swedish pine, furniture that meets the demand of Chinese consumers. This year at East Design Show, Swedish Wood will exhibit a number of furniture in Swedish pine designed and made by Swedish and Chinese designers.

It will be a feast of Swedish furniture design and a celebration of Swedish pine, strengthening the prosperous relationship between Sweden and China. The following designers have found inspiration in the meeting between East and West, establishing cultural exchange in the shape of design and business.


Gustav Larsson

Gustav Larsson is the carpenter and Eduardo Altamirano the designer behind The Shanghai Bench.

Eduardo Altamirano describes his design concept as a project about the everyday objects we have in our houses. Inspired by Asian culture, he wanted to capture the tradition of sitting on the floor. This idea, he says, makes it possible to create a space of harmony inside the house, like a personal temple. A space where the problems and the contamination from the exterior world can be shut out.

He wants The Shanghai Bench to be the receiver of the house, so that before entering, you can take off your shoes and have a minute of relaxation.

The red oil finish on the Swedish pine was used to explore new alternatives in the aesthetics of the material, for a contemporary approach to this traditional Swedish material.

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