Natural Spanish colours

Hus B in Berrocal, Spain by Churtichaga+Quadra-Salcedo

ON THE CASTILIAN plains, almost everything has yellow accents. The landscape is yellow, the seasons are yellow. The wheat, the flowers and the leaves are yellow. The architects behind House B, which clings to the hillside, therefore chose a design entirely in wood to allow nature’s own colours to dominate. Despite its discrete lines, the house forms an aesthetically attractive landmark among the fields.

The architects, CH+QS Arquitectos, have cut wasted space to a minimum in the building and so constructed a small home, almost in miniature. Its centre is dominated by a large living room, with two walls given over entirely to panoramic windows, one facing east and one west. The bedrooms, bathroom and private areas of the house have been pushed to the outer edges of the building. When it came to the outer door and the building’s chimney, the architects couldn’t help going for a splash of colour – bright yellow of course.«


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