A new take on tradition

Saterma in Satarma Valais, Switzerland by Galletti Matter

A TRADITIONAL LOG cabin was out of the question. Swiss architectural practice Galletti and Matter wanted to show respect for their design heritage, but it had to be in an innovative way. The task was to convert a former barn and stable into a beautiful home in the village of Satarma Valais. With the angled 27 mm thick planks of unplaned wood stacked horizontally, they have created a standout building with a unique look.

The facades of the house look woven. But despite its unusual appearance, it harmonises with the existing village buildings. The home is built from locally sourced wood and is closely linked with the old stable, which is traditionally constructed from 50 to 60 cm wide timbers. Although the end result is different, they are very much based on the same principles and go together stunningly.«

w| galletti-matter.ch

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