Finnish wooden design challenges car industry

Biofore in Helsingfors, Finland by UPM

SUSTAINABILITY AND RECYCLING were the focus as students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland worked with Finnish company UPM to make the car of the future – a car built from wood and other natural composite materials.

Parts that are traditionally made of plastic, such as the cabin floor, door panels and centre console, are made from hot pressed wood material or cellulose fibre reinforced plastic composite, which contains over 50 percent renewable material. Internal panels, the dashboard and the bumper and side skirts are also made from these materials, which are intended to improve general eco-performance. The composite parts of a car can thus be reused in a new vehicle and recycled ad infinitum.

The car is powered by a modern diesel engine that runs on wood-based biodiesel. The fuel and the structural components were made by UPM. The company’s mission is to develop and use fibre and forest biomass in its products and create growth opportunities based on continuous product development and innovation.«


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