3D scanner creates curvaceous sauna

Grotto Sauna in Lake Huron, Canada by Partisans

ACCORDING TO NATIONAL Geographic, the sunset over Lake Huron, north of Toronto in Canada, is one of the most stunning in the world. Canadian architectural practice Partisans drew inspiration from the boulder formations and their gentle curves when creating this sauna.

The interior has a carved look and is made from Western red cedar that has been shaped into panels. The wood was chosen for its formability, reddish colour, scent and natural resistance to moisture.

The team of architects used a 3D laser scanner to create CNC models in different scales and materials. From 15 drawings and four physically realised concepts, the client was asked to choose the design they liked best. The sauna is insulated to retain the heat for longer, making it more energy-efficient.«

w| partisanprojects.com

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