Animal-friendly design

Zoo in Öhringen, Germany by Kresing

120 ANIMALS OF 30 different species live in the zoo in the southern German town of Öhringen. When the original enclosures from 1971 needed to be replaced, the job went to the Kresing architectural practice, based in Münster. The commission included stables, aviaries for parrots, toucans and other exotic birds, plus an enclosure where kangaroos and rheas (a kind of Australian ostrich), plus mules, goats and other domesticated animals could roam freely.

The three designs are rooted in the same basic concept: sturdy glulam beams form the load-bearing structure. In the stable and the aviary, the vertical beams are mitred with the horizontal beams that support the roof. Stainless steel fixings keep everything together.

The architects consulted veterinarians during the design process. This collaboration influenced the choice of wood – untreated larch.«


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