Periscope and viewing tower in one

Periscope Tower in Seinäjoki, Finland by Oopeaa

A gigantic periscope provides expansive views of an artificial lake in Seinäjoki, Finland. From the outside the structure looks like an unusually elegant viewing tower made from larch. But at the centre of the tower is a crosslam core that houses two huge mirrors set at an angle to each other. This periscope gives the user a raised view across the lake, without having to climb the simple steps that wind around the middle of the tower – a practical feature for people in a wheelchair or simply with tired legs. On the way to the top, the tower offers a variety of outlooks onto the lake.

The tower comprises four separate prefabricated elements that were put together on site: the steps, the façade, the periscope in the middle and the roof. It was designed by the Finnish architectural firm OOPEAA, a practice that has a particular interest in design that brings new contexts to environments outside the cities. OOPEAA previously won the Finlandia Prize for Puukuokka – a house made from crosslam (see Trä! #1, 2016).


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