Flower garden with stepped roof

Keukenhof in Lisse, the Netherlands by Mecanoo Architekten

Visitors to Keukenhof’s world-famous gardens are now welcomed by a standout entrance. Interwoven glulam triangles form an impressive roof over two volumes. Like five gigantic steps, the roof climbs upwards to create drama and level changes. The roof envelops and clings to and over the two volumes. One of these looks to have just a single level, but the upper floor is concealed by the roof and draws natural daylight in through lantern lights instead.

The large roof also forms two plazas. The one outside the park welcomes visitors and is designed to guide them from the car park to the entrance. Inside the park, the roof floats above the entrances to the restaurant and the shop. The glazed façade can be opened on hot days and offers visitors a panoramic view of the park.

The large glulam beams, arranged in triangles, are clad in copper. Glass covers the openings in the triangles, providing shelter from the elements while also allowing an attractive play of light on the ground. Mecanoo Architecten is the firm behind the 3,200 square metre project, which also includes 1.3 hectares of landscaping.

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