Wooden laths with elastic effect

Tendo in Tallinn, Estonia by Ethem Erdogan & Elias Lindhoff

Tallinn is hosting an architecture biennial between 13 October and 27 November. Ahead of the biennial, there was a competition for temporary installations. One of the 13 entries chosen for the second round of the competition was created by Swedish architects Ethem Erdogan and Elias Lindhoff. The theme for this year’s biennial is bio-Tallinn and where the boundary lies between natural and artificial spaces.

The Swedish architects’ pavilion is meant to explore the elastic properties of wood. Stretching out the wood forms a strong sense of space, almost like a tent, with a thin fabric covering slender arches. In this case, the fabric is made from planed 15x90 mm wooden laths that are alternately joined with cable ties. The framework is then stretched over glulam hoops to create a tunnel. Different effects are created, depending on where the cable ties are positioned and how hard the framework is tensioned. The architects call this an analogue parametric design.

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