Tree trunk deer observatories

Deer observatories on Corsica, France by Orma Architettura

In the late 1960s, the Corsican deer was threatened with extinction. Thanks to the island’s nature conservation programme, the population has recovered and once again begun to grow. Now the programme is continuing with an information campaign. To give both locals and visitors an opportunity to see and study the animals without disturbing them, three observation towers have been built in various locations in the national park that covers 40 percent of the island. The towers are a total of eight square metres over two floors, with connecting steps. Each tower has been designed to merge into the local landscape.

All the viewing points are easily recognisable by their upright shape, with the narrow battens echoing a forest of dense tree trunks. Once the sun is up, they also create an exciting play of shadows. Made using wood from the local forests, the towers are positioned on high peaks, giving visitors an excellent view, while also hiding the observers and so not disturbing the wildlife.    


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