Furnished with one tree and Japanese influences

Hverdagen in Copenhagen, Denmark by Vermland

What could you do with the timber from a whole Douglas fir? Well, you could follow the lead of the architects at Danish firm Vermland and turn it into an interior for one of Copenhagen’s restaurants. Inspired by Japanese architecture and design, they have created a dining room that is both simple and light. All the furnishings – from tables and chairs to the bar – were made from a single tree and adapted to harmonise with the room’s original post-and-beam structure in mass timber. The long table in the middle of the room is the heart of the design, with the room divided into different zones around it. These include group tables and a line of seats in the window for smaller parties.

The long table has no legs, with the tabletop instead suspended on struts fixed to the roof beams. The connections use wooden plugs, meaning that no metal was needed to assemble the structure. It all fits in with the Japanese notion that minimalism and beauty go hand in hand.

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