Microlibrary as playful social space

Microlibrary in Java, Indonesia by SHAU

A project is under way in Indonesia aimed at encouraging more people to read books. Five locations across the country have been given a microlibrary that also serves as a social space. The latest of these is in Semarang, where the design displays influences from the nation’s traditional stilt houses – “ruma panggang”. The ground floor has been left open on all sides and is used for workshops and social gatherings. The upper floor housing the actual library is finished in a repeated diamond pattern, based on the German construction system “Zollinger Bauweise”. A similar pattern appears on the dragon that legend says lives in the area, which makes the design easy to understand while also helping to create an exciting visitor attraction. The structure uses meranti (shorea) plywood in various thicknesses and performs an important function in preventing direct sunlight from flooding the space and thus maintaining a pleasant climate within.

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