Khadija Kabbaj - moroccan designer

Swedish Wood engaged nine Moroccan designers in creating furniture on the theme of ‘Swedish wood meets Moroccan creativity and woodworking tradition’. The study trip is the next step in inspiring North African designers to use Swedish wood in more ways.


The Dimamida table is inspired by the traditional low table known as a “mida”, which remains a feature of Moroccan interiors.


My starting point is to draw on the collective memory and provide a new perspective on our ordinary, shared furniture. With the Dimamida table, I have taken what is supposed to be discreet and exaggerated it. The “khrit” legs emerge through the top of the table and sit prominently in the middle.

Plastics designer Khadija Kabbaj draws her inspiration from a universe where modernity and tradition constantly rub up against each other. She completed her art studies at L’École des Beaux-Arts and Camden Arts Centre in London and also studied fashion at the Central School of Fashion. In 1996, she created the design company KHK Création. In 2010, she founded Extramuros, an organisation that works to develop art and Moroccan culture. Through Extramuros, she has also led a range of social projects.


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