A cutting-edge play on gravity

Woodsman Axe-bord in London, England by Duffy London

YOU DON’T NEED to worry about the Big Bad Wolf with a table like this at home. Little Red Riding Hood, the dark fairytale by the Brothers Grimm, was what inspired the creatives at the design studio Duffy London to come up with the ‘Woodsman Axe’ table concept. They describe the creative process as playing with gravity, geometry and illusion. The result is an artistic and fully functional table that is now in production in three different versions – dining table, console table and coffee table.

The axes are imported from the USA, where they are manufactured for their more traditional use. The hickory shafts are polished to a high gloss and the axe heads are then secured into a sheet of solid walnut.«

w| duffylondon.com

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