A new angle on winetasting

Sokol Blossom Winery in Oregon, USA by Allied Works

IN SUMMER 2013 Sokol Blosser Winery outside Portland, USA, became the proud owner of a new facility for sampling its wines. The building measures 5700 square metres and boasts six different tasting rooms, along with a large terrace overlooking the surrounding vineyards. A cantilevered roof projects over the facade on the building’s south face, reducing the amount of direct sunlight in the summer months.

With the exception of the floor, which is made from hickory, cedar has been used throughout the building. Inside, the cladding on the walls and ceiling has been set in different directions, given the impression of many different angles and level changes.

Light floods in through the building’s many rooflights and large glass walls. Daylight has been used effectively to reduce the need for electricity and unnecessary fixtures. A green roof helps to improve thermal performance, reduce run-off and make the building melt into the surrounding landscape.

Behind the design lie the architects at Allied Works, led by the firm’s founder Brad Cloepfil.

“I’ve known and loved this landscape all my life, and my family has worked the land here for over 50 years. I’ve always wanted to make beautiful architecture inspired by rolling vineyards, oaks and the savannah in the Dundee Hills,” explains Brad Cloepfil.«

w| alliedworks.com

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