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UFOgel in Nussburg, Austria by Peter Jungmann

IN THE AUSTRIAN alps, not far from Vienna, stands a colossal wooden bird looking out across the mountains. Or is it an UFO? Architect Peter Jungmann decided to name his remarkable UFOgel (a play on the German word for bird - Vogel) – something that alludes to the mix of a bird and something extraterrestial. Made almost entirely of larch, the large wooden structurem floats in the air, supported by large steel legs. On the inside as well the building is made up of larch paneling, creating a warm and light feeling. The choice of material was natural since there is a long local tradition of building in larch.

The architect also liked the fact that the exterior of the house will silver with time and merge in with the surrounding landscape, in the same manner as the old farms have done. The odd shape of the building is not random, but a result of great knowledge about the climate of the area. The building is built to withstand cold winters and harsh storms.

With it’s eight beds, UFOgel is something unique – an open and inviting place for a family gathering or a totally private retreat. Surrounded by it’s body, you can enjoy all the amenities of the house, scout the snow-covered mountain tops through the large panorama window – and have the feeling of being one with nature. The house can be rented via urlaubsarchitektur.de

w| ufogel.at

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