Three-toed chalet

Split View Mountain Lodge in Geilo, Norway by Reiulf Ramstad arkitekter

SPLIT VIEW MOUNTAIN Lodge nestles in the rolling hills near the village of Geilo, a popular ski resort in Hallingdalen, Norway. The chalet was designed by Oslo-based Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter to meet the needs of a family with young children. The four sections of the house span different levels to follow the contours of the slope. From above, it looks like a foot with three spread toes.

The long central section contains a row of four bedrooms. The kitchen and living room are located next to each other, in their own separate ‘toes’, and end with a large panoramic window. The third ‘toe’ is a small annex with a bedroom and bathroom, once again finishing with a large gable window. The annex is reached via a corridor and is used as a guest room.

Locally sourced wood has been used throughout. Rich in oil and minerals, the wood has been left untreated and over time will turn an attractive silvery grey.«


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