Sinuously playful sculpture

MobiVersum in Wolfsburg, Germany by J.Mayer H.

AN INTERIOR LANDSCAPE in wood was unveiled last year at Volkswagen’s visitor centre in Wolfsburg, Germany. In a space measuring 1,600 square metres, children and adults can climb, dangle and play hide and seek. The shape of the imaginative solid wood structure is inspired by the familiar symbol for plastics recycling.

In transforming the two-dimensional image of the plastics symbol – one of our most recognisable icons of recycling – J.Mayer H.Architects created a three-dimensional shape that was then made more and more complex. The purpose of this is to make the subject of sustainability understandable at a spatial level. The sculptures are like roots and tree trunks winding their way through the exhibition space. They stimulate children’s motor functions and imagination, and allow families to discover different aspects of sustainable development. The sculpture complements the Volkswagen visitor centre’s permanent exhibition on the theme of sustainable development from 2009, which was also created and produced by J.Mayer H.Architects.«


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