Beehive in advanced form

Beehive in Oslo, Norway by Snøhetta

BEEKEEPING IN THE middle of the city might sound odd, but it is happening in Oslo, where the architectural practice Snøhetta has designed a honeycomb-shaped beehive that follows the example of nature. The structure is high up on the roof next to a large food hall in Oslo, close to the hall’s restaurants and various parks in the Norwegian capital, where the bees can find pollen and water.

The beehives are like two angular chimneys, and the idea is to spread knowledge about how important bees are for the world’s food production. The food hall also sells the honey that the bees produce. The two beehives have space for 160,000 bees and are made of birch, varnished in a shade that is as close to the colour of the honey as possible, according to Snøhetta.«


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