The staircase that became a sculpture

Stairs in Mumbai, India by Arquitectura en Movimiento

A DUPLEX APARTMENT in Mumbai, India, houses this elegant U-shaped staircase, created by Mexican architectural practice Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop.

“The client actually wanted a big sculpture here. The staircase occupies the whole centre of the apartment, and since we needed a lot of space, we decided that the staircase would become the sculpture,” says Fabio Correa of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop.

The staircase, which has open treads that filter in light from the windows behind, was built by local craftsmen. It begins with three “freestanding” treads, while the rest of the structure is a set of curved beams, each of which is longer and narrower than the one before. The material, walnut, was chosen to contrast with the Arabescato marble on the floor and the wood panelling on the walls.

“You can see the staircase from all the rooms in the apartment due to the open layout – and the beauty of the staircase means the client didn’t need to buy a sculpture from a gallery,” concludes Fabio Correa.«


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