»Within three years, we’ll be constructing 16-storey buildings in wood«

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Piteå-based Lindbäcks Bygg, up in northern Sweden, is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. It has developed from a local building company that renovates churches and builds houses to become a leader in industrially prefabricated timber apartment blocks.

“When Sweden joined the EU in 1994, that was a milestone for us. It was then that we began developing technical platforms and buildings that were higher than two floors. This soon became our niche,” relates Stefan Lindbäck, CEO of Lindbäcks Bygg.

He knows what is required to inspire more architects to choose wood for high-rise buildings.

“We need to show that wood is flexible as a building material, but our clients need to take key decisions at an early stage and then stick with them.” He explains:

“Our construction systems can be varied ad infinitum, but once you’ve decided what the building is going to look like, everything is prefabricated and then it’s difficult to change the layout. However, those who have begun using our solutions are seeing numerous benefits,” says Stefan Lindbäck, who also has some news.

The company is opening another factory in Piteå with double the capacity of their current one, creating 150 jobs.

“We’ll be producing slightly different building systems at the two production facilities, which means we can learn from each other. By 2017, we’ll be able to construct 16-storey buildings in wood. We’ve long wanted tougher competition, there are too few companies in our niche. The fact that we’ll soon have two factories of our own is one way to come up with new solutions and innovations.”

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