Billowing pine waves

YME in Oslo, Norway by Snøhetta

AT KARL JOHANS gate 39, between the Royal Palace and Parliament, stands YME, a concept store selling clothing, art, home furnishings and books. The Oslo-based architectural firm Snøhetta was inspired by the Norse creation myth, where the giant Ymer is born out of the hoarfrost in Nifelheim.

The three levels in the store represent different parts of the legend. On the ground floor, visitors can run their hands along a wavy wall of pine, which symbolises the 12 rivers in the creation myth. Billowing steel shelves carry shoes and accessories. The steel symbolises Nifelheim, the icy realm in the north. The first floor has a solid wood floor, while the second floor is reached via a spiral staircase in steel. From there, customers can walk out onto a glass and steel bridge for a view of the whole store.«


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