Slim beams create curved bridge

Träbro in Stockholm, Sweden by Gösta Olsson

A CENTURY-OLD OAK stood in the way of a planned pedestrian and cycle bridge in the eco-district of Stockholm Royal Seaport in Stockholm.

With a good dose of innovative thinking, slim beams and double gluing, a curve was introduced to bypass the tree. The 30 metre bridge has been in place since June 2014. It comprises an architect-designed platform that in turn comprises eight blocks. Each block is made from 11 glulam beams in spruce, and each beam is 45 millimetres wide. The platform was designed by architect Gösta Olsson of the Stockholm City Development Administration. The cladding and deck are heartwood pine.

“The bridge has a horizontal radius of 50 metres, which is a major curve. The slimline beams and the fact that they are glued twice allowed us to achieve such a tight bend,” says Simon Niva, structural engineer at Martinsons Träbroar.«


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