Leaded leaves

Leafhut in Stockholm, Sweden by Jägnefält Milton

FROM ABOVE, ALL that shows is the leaf-shaped lead roof of the shelter, which melts gently into the surrounding park, forest and gardens. This is exactly what architects Konrad Milton and Carl Jägnefält of the practice Jägnefält Milton wanted for this discreetly beautiful shelter, which applied Sweden’s new building regulations. The roof balances on a wooden cross-pillar. Both the pillar and the wooden floor are intended to be built from the tree that was felled to make space for the shelter. The 1.2 tonne lead roof is stopped from tipping over by a chain that is anchored in a stone boulder nearby. Hanging from the roof is a polyurethane curtain that the visitors can close in bad weather. Since the shelter is meant to be built of degradable materials, over time the only trace of the building will be the lead leaf, a process that may take anything from 150 to 400 years, according to Konrad Milton.«

w| jagnefaltmilton.se

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