Low-energy homes

House prototype 1.0 in Växjö, Sweden by Smarthousing

THE HOMES OF the future will be more space- and energy-efficient. With these requirements as the starting point, architects, researchers and housebuilders met to sketch out what the homes of tomorrow might look like. The result was House Prototype 1.0, which was built using box unit technology, a structural wooden frame, a façade of solar panels and plenty of light through the fully glazed external walls.

With continued development work, the prototype’s fully glazed external walls can also be used as load-bearing walls. By using industrial construction techniques, the partners running the project want to improve competitiveness and productivity in Swedish housebuilding. With a kitchen and bathroom in the middle, the idea is that two households can share 48 square metres. The apartments can be stacked on top of each other to create a six-storey building. House Prototype 1.0 is located on Linnaeus University’s campus in Växjö, where it can be subject to continued research and innovation work.«

w| smarthousing.nu

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