Moveable homes

Heijmans ONE in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Moodworks Architecture

RAPID URBANISATION IS a major challenge. The populations in most major European cities are growing fast, and the Netherlands is no exception. By placing the 45 square metre One homes, which can be erected in one day, on derelict land, tenants can enjoy a modern and inviting house at a low rent. The home is made up of a kitchen, a bathroom, a spacious living room, a separate bedroom and a patio.

“We’ve opted to convey a positive feeling through high ceilings, space and good light,” explains Tim van der Grinten, architect at Moodworks Architecture. “

The façade is made from cross laminated timber, with the main structure comprising laminated 80 mm thick, solid wood walls. Thin laminated Multi panelling is used for details such as the stairs and the built-in bench. Aerspire solar panels enable the house to benefit from green energy.

“The house is a highly stable yet relatively lightweight structure with simple details, so the owner can easily move it from place to place,” he continues.

The first two houses have already been built outside Amsterdam. Another 30 are scheduled for construction in the autumn.«


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