Narrow pillars frame small sleeping lofts

Guesthouse in Koyasan, Japan by Alphaville

AT A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the sacred Japanese mountain Koyasan, the architects at Alphaville have created a guest house for young travellers from around the world. The building is a blend of the famed Japanese capsule hotel and a dormitory. It includes a light and spacious lounge for 20 people and eight single rooms just big enough for a bed. The single rooms open out onto a light hallway and give every guest the chance to choose when they want to socialise with other residents.

The guest house also features three double rooms with integral steps up to the sleeping loft. The structure comprises narrow wooden pillars and walls rising up to a roof that lets light flood in, in homage to traditional Japanese architecture.

The architects have chosen to contrast the wooden fittings and structure with modern aluminium windows and details in galvanised steel plate.«


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