Sculptural form

Café Brigitta in Helsingfors. Finland by Talli Architecture & Design

THOSE WHO WANT to enjoy innovative architecture, views of the sea and nature and a good cup of coffee can head for the saintly Brigitta’s Park outside Helsinki in the summer. Here, the practice Talli Architecture and Design has created a café that, with its material choices and forms, creates a frame for the stunning setting. The shape is sculptural and intentionally lacks both a front and back.

The wooden frame of the café resembles a propeller, with three sections at different heights built of pine from the local area. The propeller shape also creates the foundation for the café’s three sections, a serving area, a lounge area and a toilet section. Sliding doors framed by glulam beams in the lounge area make it possible to shut out the elements on chilly days. The café is only open in spring, summer and autumn. The façade comprises 50x50 mm pine cladding and has a charred finish that stands up to harsh weather. The inner walls are made from untreated pine, with a larch terrace. The architects at Talli Architecture and Design have made a name for themselves for their timeless and user-friendly design language.«


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