Chapel for all faiths

Livereds chapel in Kållered, Sweden by Malmström Edström

WHEN THE CHURCH of Sweden in Mölndal needed a new chapel for the cemetery in Kållered, the chosen material was Swedish pine. It is actually incorrect to call the building a chapel, since it is more of a ceremonial building, open to all faiths. Eagle-eyed visitors will spot an arrow in dark wood, elegantly set into the solid wood floor. The arrow points in the direction of Mecca.

Architects Björn Edström and Christer Malmström drew some of their inspiration for this universal ritual centre from Skogskyrkogården cemetery in southern Stockholm. The building is defined by its asymmetric, tower-like body, with rounded corners, which houses the actual chapel.

The building sits in a forest scattered with rocky outcrops. As the wooden cladding greys, it will increasingly melt into its surroundings. Livered Chapel, as it is called, was awarded Mölndal Municipality’s architectural prize this year.«


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