Apparent chaos conceals plan

KA300 in Karlsruhe, Germany by J Mayer H

A PILE OF white scrap timber? No – it’s a pavilion celebrating the city of Karlsruhe’s 300th anniversary. German architects J. MAYER H. und Partner are behind the design, which depicts the city’s Baroque layout, where a sunburst-shaped street plan radiates out from the city’s famous palace at its heart. Here, the city’s lanes are transformed into an apparent chaos of solid spruce beams bolted together.

The beams were prepared by construction firm Rubner Holzbau and arrived at the site ready for assembly. Within and above the splayed tendrils lie exhibition spaces and viewing points. In the centre is a stage for concerts, theatre performances, film screenings and other activities.

The pavilion opened on 17 June in Schlossgarten park, Karlsruhe, Germany. In September it was shipped off to be relocated somewhere else next summer.«


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