Embraced by books

Conarte in Monterrey, Mexico by Anagrama

HOW DO YOU capture the feeling of disappearing into a book? The design and concept agency Anagrama was commissioned to design a new library in the city of Monterrey in Mexico. The brief was short and simple: create a room that heightens the reading experience. The result? A terraced tunnel that envelops the reader in literature. The stairs offer places to sit and lie, with the books always in easy reach.

The shelves, which form the walls and ceiling, are made of pine, modelled on a computer and cut using a CNC milling machine. Every piece of the shelving is individually shaped and everything is assembled using glue and screws.

“The idea was to create a sense of disappearing into another world, where there’s just you, the books and this fantastic space,” says Roberto Treviño, architectural director at Anagrama.«

w| anagrama.com

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