Monolith with views

Saint-Ange in Grenoble, France by Studio Odile Decq

MONOLITHIC ARCHITECTURE – that’s what French architect Odile Decq calls the pavilion in the park next to the castle Tour Saint-Ange in Grenoble. Each year, an artist is invited to use the space as a studio for a time. The pavilion stands out against the traditional buildings around it, providing privacy and a calm working space.

The timber frame is lined externally with vertical spruce cladding painted with asphalt. In the dark, with all the shutters closed, the building is transformed into a dark, irregular block that lives up to the architect’s description. Cross laminated timber (CLT) is used for the structural frame and some of the walls. On the inside, the unpainted panelling is combined in places with sheets of OSB. The tower rises up above the treetops to capture the views of the valley below, while the differently shaped windows provide a varied play of light.«


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