Books on a small scale

The story pod in Toronto, Canada by Atelier Kastelic Buffey

LIBRARIES ARE BECOMING smaller and smaller as enthusiastic citizens the world over collect books and make them available to the public in old phone boxes and home-made chests. ‘The story pod’ was designed by architects at Atelier Kastelic Buffey for a newly formed park in Toronto. Volunteers took care of the construction work, under the guidance of the architects. The construction materials were donated by a financial services company. To keep the costs down, this little library is built using standard lengths of wood from the timber yard, while the interior is clad in simple plywood with a surface of rotary-cut cedar veneer. The book shelves are made from solid Western red cedar.

During the day, the angled doors are open for those who want to take a seat on the simple benches, also in plywood. When the library is closed, LED lighting makes the little building glow in the dark. The power comes from solar panels on the roof.«


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