Design dream sets sails

Foggy in Maine, USA by Frank Gehry

SUPERSTAR ARCHITECT FRANK Gehry has a soft spot for a wind-filled sail – you can see it in buildings such as the art museum Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, France, and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, USA. The 20 metre yacht ‘Foggy’ is a joint venture by the almost 90-year-old architect and boat designer Germán Frers. Foggy was built at Brooklin Boat Yard in Maine. The hull is made from veneers of larch and Western red cedar laminated with epoxy resin onto a carbon-fibre reinforced foam core.

This builds on the technique known as cold moulding and creates a lighter, stronger hull than the traditional system of laying planking over a timber frame. Gehry’s contribution lies mainly in design details such as the intricate carbon fibre bowsprit and the wheel in epoxy-laminated larch. He is also behind the arabesque pattern of the glazed sections, which make the hull glisten as it cuts through the water.«


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