House with no footprint

Casa Invisibile in Austria by Delugan Meissl

‘CASA INVISIBLE’ IS a highly apt name for this modular house, designed by the Austrian architectural practice Delugan Meissl. The mirrored façade makes the body of the building unusually well camouflaged. But the architects are referring just as much to the actual construction, which takes the form of finished modules that are lifted into place with minimal impact on the surrounding land. Behind the mirrored façade lies a prefabricated timber-frame structure.

“The mirroring puts the focus on the landscape, but the house is also invisible in that it leaves almost no footprint behind,” say the architects in a press release.

The house is 14.5 metres long and 3.5 metres wide, which means that it can, in principle, be lifted directly onto the back of a trailer. And if you’d like more living space, you can simply combine several modules however you want.«


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