Lined roof trusses protrude at the top

Restaurant Björk in Hemavan, Sweden by Murman

‘BJÖRK’ [BIRCH] IS the name of the new restaurant and mountain station at the Hemavan ski resort. The building, designed by architect Hans Murman, gains its character from the dramatic glulam roof trusses, which terminate down at ground level. To save space in the restaurant, the architect opted to have the trusses protruding on the outside instead. The beams are clad in black roofing felt and sheet metal for full weatherproofing. The cladding accentuates the relief effect of the roof and makes the beams stand out clearly against the grey felt-lined roof sections, a bit like the bark on a knotty mountain birch. The structure is also emphasised on the inside – not least by building the tables into the chunky beams.

“The furniture embraces the structure,” says Hans Murman. “It’s a traditional way of building, to keep the load-bearing frame visible inside and out.”

The inner walls are clad in sawn spruce boards that have been left untreated. The exterior cladding of pine shingles is also untreated.«


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