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Temporary food hall in Stockholm, Sweden by Tengbom

ÖSTERMALMSTORG IN STOCKHOLM is the site of a temporary wooden food hall, designed by Tengbom, where trade will continue for two years, while the original building, Östermalms Saluhall, is restored. The idea is that the hall will be easy to disassemble and reuse when it is finished with. Many of the interior plywood fittings are also meant to be reusable.

The tricky ground conditions in the square made wood a natural choice for its light weight. In addition, it is renewable and ecological, eco-friendly and climate-smart. The food hall was erected around an exposed structural frame of LVL beams that rest on cruciform glulam pillars. The lower part is clad in untreated wooden laths of varying thicknesses. The upper part is clad in corrugated plastic that lets in light and in the evening illuminates the surroundings like a huge wooden lantern.

“The temporary food hall lends a new dimension to the cityscape,” states the lead architect Mark Humphreys.«


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