Heavenly extension

House Inchigeelagh in Inchigeelagh, Ireland by Markus Schietsch


“AN EXPRESSIVE SCULPTURE.” That’s how the Zürich-based architect Markus Schietsch describes his extension to a private home in Inchigeelagh, near the city of Cork in Ireland. The most sculptural element of the new wing is probably the right-angled sweep up towards the heavens where the building meets a natural rise in the terrain to the east. The result is a roof that ends in an almost archetypal gable in a pitched roof. The architect has placed the new entrance in the upward sweep.

The façade of the new building is clad in sheet metal, covered with a grey plastic material that is usually used to seal flat roofs and is applied in liquid form to give a completely seamless and smooth surface. But beneath the shell, the building is made from wooden studs and plywood in a design that is not unlike a boat hull. With magnificent craftsmanship, this brings the sculptural feel into the building’s interior. The extension increases the living space to 500 square metres.«



w| markusschietsch.com

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