Opening door to recycling

Pavilion Circulaire in Paris, France by Encore Heureux

A PAVILION OF old doors – that pretty much sums up the Pavilion Circulaire, which stood for three months outside the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. In this case, Circulaire is not about the shape of the building, but about the circular economy – an economy based on recycling and reuse. No-one can deny that the façade is truly made from doors – look carefully and you can see the handles still in place.

The building was designed by architectural practice Encore Heureux ahead of the climate conference COP21 last autumn and demonstrates architectural recycling in practice. The 180 oak doors are from a house renovation in the city’s 19th arrondissement, while the insulation material had a previous life in the roof of a convenience store. The timber for the structural frame was left over from the construction of an old people’s home. In autumn 2015, the building was used for talks, debates, exhibitions and other activities in conjunction with the climate conference. In early 2016, a sports club took over the pavilion and moved it to a site in the 14th arrondissement. They use it as a clubhouse.«


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