New district takes shape in wood

Örnsro trästad in Örebro, Sweden by C.F. Møller arkitekter

A former sports field in Örebro is set to become a new urban district. And its very name indicates the dominant material – Örnsro Trästad translates as Örnsro City of Wood. The winning design was one of five in the architectural competition that was organised by the Municipality of Örebro.

“The design offers a rawness that sits well with the industrial context while also providing a sense of welcome,” wrote the jury in making their selection.

Around the nine apartment blocks in crosslam, there will be a large green space of 18,000 square metres dotted with paths, groves of trees and bridges. The architectural practice behind the design of the landscape and the apartment blocks with their sugarloaf shaped gables is Denmark’s C.F. Møller.

“Our aim is to make the façades and carcass using Swedish raw materials,” explains Ola Jonsson, who is a partner in the practice.

It is not yet clear exactly which materials will be chosen for the façades, but Ola reports that the practice is experimenting with a charred finish on heat-treated wood cladding. Another idea is to see if it is possible to pigment the wood.


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