Floating design shows off plants

Kubik in Wien, Austria by Josep

The plants reflect in the façade of this office block, which belongs to a plant nursery outside Vienna. The small-scale building 52 kubik was designed by the firm Josep in partnership with architect Gehrard Haumer. The mirrors that cover the lower level of the crosslam structure are intended to accentuate the surrounding planting and make the upper level look like it is floating. Inside, the natural surface of the spruce crosslam has been left exposed, while the stairs and other joinery are made from ash.

The main body of the building is shaped like a star. In the centre is an open space and off this run three “arms” which provide different views of the surrounding garden.

“The star shape developed out of the interplay between the interior and the exterior location,” states architect Jochen Kreuter of Josep.

w| josep.co.at

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