Cabin for extreme research

Mountain shelter in Bovec, Slovenia by OFIS Arhitekti

OFIS Arhitekti worked with local structural engineers CBD to place a cabin in the most rugged of landscapes as a shelter for mountain climbers in bad weather. The chosen location is exposed to deep snow, harsh winds, landslides and even earthquakes. The cabin is a research project on how to build in extreme climates.

The aluminium-clad cabin made from CNC crosslam stands on a small concrete foundation. Almost half of the building is cantilevered out at an angle to create a panoramic view of the mountainscape. Inside there are nine basic bunks and very little else. To prevent it toppling over, the building is fixed to the foundation and also supported by steel cables anchored directly into the nearby rock. A thin layer of insulation and fireproofing is concealed behind the aluminium façade.

It took three attempts to lift the cabin onto the site by helicopter, but now it stands proudly in place with 360 degree views of Slovenia and Italy. To support research – and to create a destination for the nature lovers who visit the area.


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