New staircase takes visitors by storm

The Tornado in Tel Aviv, Israel by Oded Halaf

Blending neo-modernism and local style, architect Oded Halaf has created a 14 metre-high installation and staircase in the lobby of the Amot Atrium Tower. Dubbed “the Tornado”, the staircase strives to establish a warm and organic feel in the large lobby of the skyscraper. Being on the staircase is not about moving from one floor to another, but about an ever-changing experience with every step you take.

The staircase comprises two parts: a reception desk that transitions into a wide spiral staircase, which joins up with a tornado-like volume to form a viewing platform. The load-bearing structure is a mix of a metal skeleton and glulam made from American tulipwood. The outside is then clad in 9,000 metres of CNC milled curved components, also in tulipwood. One clear feature of tulipwood is its considerable colour variation. The harvested wood was sorted into 12 different shades to be used in different parts of the cladding.

The advanced joinery work, from CNC milling to installation, was carried out by craftsman Tomer Gelfand. It took the team four months to assemble all the individually numbered components.


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