Small-scale feel in cold setting

Kallhäll station in Stockholm, Sweden by &Rundquist

Kallhäll’s new commuter train station has a warm woody glow in the sun. The station building comprises two generous volumes with strong lines that run parallel to the track. The volumes divide into a lower concrete section and an upper steel structure, lined with deeply profiled cladding in Siberian larch, which creates a vibrant surface when the light plays across it.

The architectural practice &Rundquist designed the new station building and the adjacent bridge. The station entrance is clearly discernible where the wood meets the bridge in a distinct line.

Internally, the volume is clad in black terrazzo tiles, which meet white glazed ash three metres above the floor. The ash continues upwards and also lines the ceiling. Following the direction of the tracks, there is a large expanse of glass to emphasise the lines and create a sense of openness. The materials were chosen to establish a sense of warmth and intimacy in the station – bringing a small-scale feel to an environment usually dominated by hard and cold materials.


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