Focus on recycling for framework structure

RERF in Leeds, UK by S'pace Architecture

Sorting rubbish doesn’t tend to be particularly interesting or a focus for architecture, but in Leeds an automated recycling and energy recovery facility has just been completed with a shell of glulam arches and polycarbonate.

The building was designed by Jean-Robert Mazaud of French practice S’pace Architects. In addition to the 42 metre high and 123 metre long main building, the plant has another two buildings that in any other context would feel large. With one of Europe’s largest green walls, the main building manages not to feel too overpowering, however. The three buildings all use different variations on glulam framework structures. In addition to the advanced wooden frame, the building stands out for its strategy of creating a sustainable local environment, for example through advanced stormwater collection and a habitat programme to improve biodiversity.

The structure was designed, produced and assembled by Hess Timber.

Read more at S'pace and Hess Timber

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