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Chapel in Poprad, Slovakia by Samuel Netocny

Samuel Netocny has started something special. With a chapel that lets in light, sound and wind, he has created a space for the senses and the moment. This project, which introduces modern architecture to places far removed from the architectural hub, brought together a priest and a representative from the local council. The dream is to get more local people out and about in the countryside.

The chapel was built in stages, and a hike to the site is organised each year. 30 people took part in the first hike, while the most recent one attracted over 300 walkers. The hike begins down in the village and goes up the side of a mountain. The path ends with a spiral that is shaped internally by the chapel, which slows down the walkers. In a room formed entirely out of wooden posts, the visitor is struck by the constantly changing light.

Despite its simple look, the chapel was produced using BIM planning and CNC manufacture. The chapel stands on concrete plinths and is topped with a thin, floating and transparent roof in glass fibre, a material that is widely used in local Slovakian architecture. The wooden posts are set at different heights, allowing the floor and roof joists to cross each other and create a strong, open structure.


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