Pavilion for ice culture

Kulm tribune in Saint Moritz, Switzerland by Foster + partners

As part of an extensive refurbishment of the historic ice pavilion in Saint Moritz, Foster + Partners have created a new mini-stadium or grandstand, one that has already hosted the awards ceremony for the Alpine Skiing World Cup, for example. It stretches along the edge of Davos Plaun and forms a corner with a smaller structure at a 45 degree angle that provides shelter from the sun and wind, while at the same time offering mountain views.

The impressive roof structure, edged with copper plate, comprises six pairs of frames in strong ash glulam, spaced 3.6 metres apart and extending out almost 7.5 metres. The half-frames with an I cross-section stand on concrete foundations, and the nodes are joined using glued-in rods with GSA technology. Facing the road, a wall of timber battens allows views through and gives the grandstand a sense of lightness. The wooden structure was built by Blumer-Lehmann and others.

“Using the local tradition of wood, the entire ensemble is designed to be of the place, both in spirit and materials,” says Lord Foster.

Read more at Foster + partners och Blumer-Lehmann

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